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Before Contacting Actions By T please read the following guidelines:

1. Our business hours are 10am-5pm 7 days a week, do NOT call after or before business hours. Gun work phone inquiries before 10am and after 5pm will be ignored.

2. All work MUST arrive with a deposit. We will not accept your gun without a deposit. No Exceptions!

3. All completed gunwork will be picked up and paid for in full within one week of completion of work

4. We do not under any circumstance accept credit cards of any kind. All checks and money orders shall be made payable to "Teddy Jacobson".

5. In person appointments will be limited to a 1 hour maximum (effective June 24, 2013). This is an absolute must due to Teddy's health. Please respect our time.

6. Teddy Jacobsons official email address is: Teddyjacobson@yahoo.com

Actions By 'T'
Teddy Jacobson
16315 Redwood Forest Ct
Sugar Land, Texas 77498


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Welcome to Actionsbyt.com

Teddy Jacobson - Master Pistolsmith



This site is the official web site of Teddy Jacobson - A World Famous Pistolsmith, now in business for 30 years! Teddy is the only Pistolsmith in North America who just does Internal Action Work on over 100 different models of handguns. He has no competition, because there is no competition. Teddy is in a league of his own.

I work on over 100+ different models of handguns, I have had over 60+ articles written about my work, and I have done 150+ guns for gun writers. At this point in time I have worked on close to (8000) 1911 pistols, (6500) Revolvers and (2500) Sig Sauer pistols which do not include all the others. My trigger work is first class and second to none, although many people have tried to copy my paper work, there is no equal to Actions By 'T'.

Thank you,

Teddy Jacobson


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